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Soft-Evolution Pimero Pro v2011 R2 v6.2.4139 Full

Soft-Evolution Pimero Pro v2011 R2 v6.2.4139 | 23 MbSoft-Evolution Pimero - is an excellent calendar to record the possible meetings and contacts, which is suitable for both large organizations and individuals. If you travel frequently or work for multiple computers Pimero offers a unique opportunity to distribute your time schedule to suit your requirements. New ftures: Support Skype, importing data into Outlook, vCard (. Vcf) and iCalendar (. Ics), sendinge-mail.

Working as part of your tm, Pimero is a convenient appointment calendar and contact list manager - the idl companion for small tms and individuals. If you are on the road frequently, work with several computers or bring together several people into a tm, Pimero offers you unique benefits in appointment scheduling.

With its automatic, serverless synchronisation, based on peer-to-peer technology, you need not give a second thought to how you maintain your appointments up-to-date. Every computer which runs Pimero synchronises automatically with all other computers in the network. Take your notebook with appointments and task list on trips - regardless of what you change whilst on the road, it will synchronize with what has changed in the mntime in the or at home as soon as you re-connect to the network.

Synchronisation works in both directions. If you often work in different places, you always have access to your personal login from all computers in the network. This mns that you have your information rdily available - anywhere, anytime.

With its multi-user capabilities, you have the perfect tool for tm-work. Display the appointments and task lists ofcolues, employees and friends next to one another - sily and clrly. Use the Tm Meeting Finder to find available times for several users and specify who may enter and see other `s information. Protect your private domain with private entries which only you can rd, irrespective of any other settings.

Select between several entry egories and maintain a clr overview at all times.

Pimero places grt importance on data security and automatically encrypts all transmissions. In addition, all of your personal data is stored on your PC encrypted.

New: Skype support, Import for Outlook, vCard (. Vcf) and iCalendar (. Ics), Send Emails, Custom Contact Fields

Your new Personal Information Manager
Pimero 2009 enables you to manage your appointments, contacts, tasks and notes.
Within shortest time you won't miss this handy software anymore in your daily organisation and tm structure.

Beside lots of functions for own organisation of daily work, Pimero offers a rich set of tm ftures. With minimal efforts you are able to work together with your tm members and rise the production level of your company immediately.


Every tm member owns his personal calendar for his personal data like appointments, tasks or contacts. If your tm member has the right to access your calendar, he simply can add it in his view by activating the calendar beside your name in the tm members list.

Additionally he can add, change or delete appointments, tasks etc. for you. Example: A secretary can enter appointments for her boss. Project managers can set up tasks for several tm members etc.

You see: There are lots of possible situations where Pimero will help you organize and structure your data.

Further ftures:
Automatic reminders
Dynamic display of individual days and time spans
National holidays
Srch-and Filterfunction
sy Printing of days, weeks or months
Support for Drag & Drop

Tmwork with Pimero 2009
The multi user capabilities of Pimero make it the perfect groupware. Find free appointment time for several users, decide who is able to look at someone others scheduler. Private entries help to protect your privacy.
Rd phonetically

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