Saturday, May 21, 2016

9b Studios Product and Automotive Design Kit for modo501 Win/OSX

9b Studios Product and Automotive Design Kit for modo501 Win OSX | 461 MBThe Product and Automotive Design Kit (PAD) is a purpose-built materials library of Presets designed to help you effectively visualize and present your designs. If you are using modo to crte consumer product or automotive ry, these Presets can save you the trouble of painstakingly crting materials to accurately mimic rl world surfaces like lther, carpet, tinted glass and mesh grills – or even “x-ray” materials that revl interiors. All the work has been done for you; letting you concentrate on applying these carefully crafted materials or crting new variants of your own. The three hundred and fifty included Presets let you showcase every curve, line and silhouette of your model with incredible speed.

140 base Presets
25 displacement patterns
20 bump patterns
5 mesh Presets for lighting
160 color channel Presets
Experience Level:
Suitable for all modo users
Software Compatibility:
modo 501 (SP2 or later)
modo 401 (SP2 or later)

Your Kit will be available for download through your Registered Content page upon purchase.
The Kit is d to ch individual and is not a studio-wide .

What is included in the Kit?
The Product and Automotive Design Kit consists of material Presets, mesh Presets, instructional s and a guided manual that explains not only how to apply the Presets but also how to change the very workflow material Preset appliion in modo. For example, the new Process Presets will revolutionize the way you work by introducing adjustable layers that leverage information from your custom Preset in order to crte a multitude of effects (e.g. bump stencil to crte grill effects) found in the product and automotive design world.

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