Saturday, May 21, 2016

Global Mapper v12.02 (x86/x64)

Global Mapper v12.02 (x86/x64) | 42 & 48 Mb

Global Mapper also includes the ability to directly access multiple online sources of ry, topographic maps, and gridded terrain data. This includes access to worldwide high resolution color ry from DigitalGlobe (watermarked access for free) and access to the entire TerraServer-USA database of USGS satellite ry and topographic maps free-of-charge. Global Mapper also has the ability to sily access WMS data sources, including built-in access to elevation data and color ry for the entire world, and to view elevation data in true 3D with any loaded raster ry and vector data draped on top of it!

» Global Mapper supports viewing of dozens of the most common data formats
» Provides direct access to DigitalGlobe high resolution color ry
» Provides direct access to the complete TerraServer-USA satellite ry and topographic map archive
» Provides sy, direct access to WMS data sources
» Supports true 3D viewing of loaded elevation data including draping of any loaded ry and vector data over the 3D surface
» Crop, reproject, and merge any combination of raster data and elevation data, including DRGs
» Digitize new vector (ar, line, and point) ftures by drawing them with the mouse
» Track a compatible GPS device connected to your computer's port or USB port in rl-time over any loaded data
» Support accurate conversions between a large list of projection systems and datums
» Export both vector, raster, and elevation data to a variety of formats
» graphically rectify (georeference) any JPG, TIFF, or PNG and save the results to a new
» Crte contours for any combination of elevation data
» Automatic triangulation and gridding of 3D point data sets
» Support for combining/comparing terrain surfaces
» NASA World Wind Support
» Google Maps Support
» Virtual rth Support
» Advanced screen capture
» Batch conversion of almost any input data data files to any compatible export type
» Auto-clip collar for DRGs/DOQQs/BSBs
» Advanced msurement capabilities
» Supports the sy crtion of geological ftures
» Advanced drawing capabilities
» Ability to link vector fture attributes to web sites or files
» Support the latest DEM and SDTS DEM formats
» Supports opening D-O and DEM files directly from gzipped archives
» Supports board navigation
» Srch and edit load vector data by name, attribute value, or description
» Load and display JPG s with embedded EXIF positioning data

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