Saturday, May 21, 2016

SpirITix Checker 3.2.2 +

About the program:
Tired of downloading from Letitbit and similar sites with a delay of a minute and a speed of 30 kb \ c? Gold for nothing? In the world there are many programs ( s) _no most of them is a sham for the purpose that would be gullible users stuffing count downloads at this link! and inside the file weighing from 5 to 40 mb (music, and etc.). -Cheker (Oct. 2010), is a program that verifies the availability of (checkpoints, etc.) further details!Since the whole Shas will give you a prog straightening options exchangersThat is, from the usual references you make yourself gold linkThe program is called Chukker

Information about the software
Title: SpirITix Checker 3.2.2
egory: Software
Yr: 2010
File Size: 5.75Mb

So how to make a simple link from gold
1. Open Chukker
2. Checking in (with the usual version regi is unnecessary)
3. Login to Chukker
4. Click "isolated"
5. There, select the exchanger from which you want to rock
6. We go to off site prog
7. Looking for a fresh
8. Enter this in the Chaker and click on the green circle
9. If the turns green and the bottom line apprs it work
10. Next in the window below the window where the input is entered a link to jump
11. Under the window to enter the link click on the green circle
12. And in the lower apprs gold link


Unsurpassed performance
Data Security
The "I'm Feeling Lucky"
Automatic straightening from the case
Support: LetItBit, Vip-File, ShareFlare, Hot-File, DepositFiles and Fastix
A modern and user-friendly interface
Logging options
Managing your account SpirITix ID directly from the program
Function of living history
Network access through a proxy (with or without authorization)
Ability to use the service
Clipboard Monitor
Single and mass

Enabling | reg : not required
Language: RU
File format:. Exe
Platform / OS: 2000/XP/7/Vista

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