Saturday, May 21, 2016

Alligator Flash Designer v 8.0.24 Full

Alligator Flash Designer v8.0.24 | 6 Mb

Selteco Alligator Flash Designer enables you to crte interactive Flash animations for your Web site with minimum skills required. A preview browser allows you to display your animation exactly as it will appr on the web before saving it. Novice users can export HTML necessary to integrate Flash files with their Web page.

Crte Flash content in 5 minutes with the World’s siest Flash Tool:
• Crte slide shows, menus, banners, buttons, presentations, intros and interactive forms
• Import photos, screenshots, Flash cliparts and animated GIFs
• Draw shapes, add text, gradients and bitmaps
• Crte clickable hotspots inside your Flash
• Insert files
• Play sounds in the background or assign them to different events like clicks
• Apply animation effects to ch object
• Export Macromedia Flash files (SWF) and add them to your web site
• Use ActionScript 2.0 to handle your own events

Flash Designer Concepts:
• Shapes
• Sprites
• Animating Objects
• Tween Animations
• Text Animations
• Customizing Buttons
• Interactivity
• Working with Text
• Bitmaps
• Gradients
• Transparent Flash
• Clipping Paths
• Sounds

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