Saturday, May 21, 2016

NTI Media Maker 9 Premium v9.0.1.8933 Retail

NTI Media Maker delivers an sy-to-use, yet powerful suite of digital media appliions. Family members of any age can quickly crte dazzling s, s, and Blu-ray discs like a pro. Copy, convert, rip, edit, play, backup, and share your music, s, photos, and data files with se.

New Ftures
* sy to use Gadget for Audio s, Data Discs, Copy, _TS, Discs, and Audio Ripping
* Upload your crtions to YouTube™ from within our program
* New One-Touch launch pad for quick appliion navigation
o Added Favorites selection to the launch pad
o Added ability to customize the color of the launch pad
* Enhanced Disc and UDF support

Home Maker
A complete authoring and editing program, Home Maker is idl for making and slideshows from your digital camcorder and digital camera. sily import from virtually any source to your computer. Just connect your device and begin capturing, editing, and crting your own !

Why waste your money on expensive dual layer /R disc to copy your when -Fit can copy and compress your larger dual layer into an inexpensive single layer /R discs. -Fit can also remove unwanted extras from the for better quality.

your favorite to a dual layer or single layer s from your _TS folders on your hard drive. You can s of your favorite from your _TS folders to enjoy on your .

Digital Flix
NTI Digital Flix is a powerful and sy-to-use software Player with superior and audio (Dolby) quality. Ftures beyond playback include: bookmark, , Audio , support for DIVX, MPEG4, RM, QuickTime, WMV, WMV-HD, Macromedia Flash and for any other file you have the c installed.

Customize your music with album cover art, song name, artist, and album name for ch song. Let your friends not only hr but know your music as well. Impress them by letting your music automatically answer their commonly asked questions: I love that song, who sings it? What's the name of that song? What album was that song on?

Crte an audio with your favorite songs! Use -Text to label your songs and normalization to keep all songs at the same volume level for a consistent listening experience. Also, give your the professional DJ feel by using the crossfade fture to fade out one song and fade in the next song at the same time.

/WMA Disc
Crte an , WMA or from your music collection. , WMA, OGG, or WAV files will be automatically converted and ed in the correct format. You can now sit back and enjoy hours of continuous music from your or player.

Audio Editor
Edit your , WMA, OGG, and WAV files with our efficient audio ftures such as normalize, fade, trim, filter, amplify, and more. This is a perfect utility to remove unwanted silence at the beginning or end of your songs.

Live Audio
Record audio directly to a recordable disc or to a hard drive from your microphone or line-in jack. Live Audio is a grt way to record a message or to copy your old albums and cassette tapes to your computer.

Rip your music collection to your hard drive and automatically name the songs from an online database. Ripper is perfect for converting your music library on your computer to the same quality and audio format.

Photo Maker
Share your holiday celebrations, birthdays, and vaions with your family and friends. With your photos and music crte dazzling photo slideshow with just the right music to enjoy the experience. Crte Photo Discs, Print, Email, and crte HTML Albums to share and relive again and again.

Fast and reliable copying of s, s, and Blu-ray discs, our copy will make an exact replica of your favorite disc as fast as your drive allows.

Multi-ing Engine
Even with over 15 yrs of ing experience, NTI's latest ing engine is yet more powerful than ever. Turn your computer into a mini fast duplior by ing to multiple recorders at the same time. Grt for making multiple copies of the same disc in a snap!

NTI Backup Now 5 Standard
Protect your valuable , photo, music, and data files. Archive important files onto recordable , , and Blu-ray discs, hard drive, or even an FTP Server. Includes file and folder backup, backup to multiple discs, data compression, and reliable scheduling.

Data Disc
Archive or backup your data to a , , or Blu-ray disc as sy as possible with Data Disc. Save yourself the time from having to select a specific amount of data without going over the size limit of the disc. Just drag-n-drop the data you want to and Data Disc will automatically span discs and prompt you for additional discs to all your data.

Jewel Case Maker
Crte and customize your disc labels, cases and jewel cases with a professional apprance in a snap. Don't present your favorite mix to your friends and family with just a hand written label. Show the world how much you care about your music by adding eye ching graphics and text to your discs.

Test Drive
Loaded with grt utilities to test your / discs, Optical Writers, and Hard Drives. Grt for checking the performance of your drives or for finding out the over setting to get the most out of your media.

Session Explorer
This disc utility allows you to explore data sessions on a or and to copy the data off the disc. This is grt for recovering lost data on damaged discs.

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