Saturday, May 21, 2016

J. River Media Center 16.0.54 Beta

J. River Media Center 16.0.54 Beta | 25 Mb

J. River Media Center – Media Center. Plays most popular audio and formats, including , audio and , can convert -audio tracks in WAV, , copy to your hard vinyl discs and cassettes, as well as crte an audio-, and for all of these functions, the program has many configurable parameters. Besides, there are very good and powerful in its capabilities organizer of multimedia files, mediaredaktor, equalizer, built-in DSP and convenient scheduler for automating processes playing / recording, as well as support for remote control. From the optional, but nice ftures – becoming almost a standard for “decent” programs can change the apprance using skins, mini-player mode and the “”.

• Supports over 80 media file formats
• Crte custom Playlists and Smartlists from your media library
• Rips and en to WMA, OGG, APE, , FLAC and more
• Freeware and data ing
• Support for popular devices, including iPod®, Crtive® and San® players
• Lding edge organization and customization options
• Selectable skins and Slim View with cool translucent effect
• Srch, download and play rich content from Google /s, YouTube and SHOUTcast - all without lving the appliion
• Support for PlaysForSure devices and music subscription services
• Unique Action Window for a quick route to tasks such as , tag or handheld sync.
• Thter View fullscreen mode for the 10-foot interface experience. Browse media on your
• Media Mode buttons for fast access to media type: music, photos, s
• Integrated labeler for printing custom labels and covers
• Podcast support, including one click subscriptions
• pix01 photo and gallery fture. Crte, upload and share photo and albums on the web - for free!
• Powerful, flexible ing engine - multiple s, split large files across discs
• Fast and efficient file tagging system
• Automatic folder monitoring and import of newly added files
• Mouse wheel zooming and panning for pictures, , and
• Customizable View schemes -- Best file organization of any jukebox
• Freeform Mini View skins
• Support for Standard View skins
• Support for Winamp 2 skins
• 40+ visualizations, and support for White Cap and the latest G-Force visualizations
• New Display View mode
• Remote control support
• Cross-fading and gapless playback
• Media Server -- Home networking
• Replay Gain (volume leveling)
• In-line file property editing
• Plug-in support, including third-party plug-ins
• Web and radio
• Find retailer srch
• Online Artist info srch
• Visualization Studio - crte and save your own visualizations
• Media Scheduler
• Integrated Download Manager
• DSP/EQ Studio
• Media Editor for editing sound files
• Broadcast and cable (with tuner card)
• playback and recording
• Digital organization and tagging
• 3D visualizations
• Flexible database that allows unlimited new fields to be added
• Cover View -- shows album art/ for ch track or or
• recording and instant-replay, Pause, Resume, FFWD, REW
• Pane View and Tag mode for the sy selection and tagging of files
• Integrated music/ slideshow
• Preset Smartlists -- 1 hour of random music, Last 100 tracks played, etc.
• ASIO Playback
• Multi-Zone Playback
• Web or FTP upload of media files
• TiVo Home Media Option support for music and s. Enjoy your Playlists through TiVo
• Support for Universal Plug 'n' Play devices e.g. Media strmers
• Document support with full text srching/indexing
• Basic editing
• Multi-Zone Synchronization
• Split View fture - Open Library and Playing Now together
• Freeware Integrated support for Audible™ audiobook store
• Freeware File transfer support for PlayStation Portable™

What's New in This Relse:
- Fixed: Rare ddlock when srching for DLNA devices and a previously found device was not found.
- Fixed: Corrupt JPEG files could take a long time to analyze.
- Fixed: On XP, watching some types of network drives with auto-import could cause ddlocks when stopping auto-import.
- SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Television/SeekInformation function that is used by television playback from a client to provide faster seeking.
- Optimized: Revised split file engine used by television to use ranged requests when possible to improve library server client performance.
- NEW: On screen position indior for playback (, television, ) when in Fast Forward or Rewind mode.
- Fixed: Some WAV tags could cause problems.
- Optimized: Reduced the amount of network traffic when playing television with a library server client.

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