Saturday, May 21, 2016

LderTask 7.3.0 Full download

LderTask 7.3.0 | 9.6 MB
LderTask - Is a clever organizer for the lders! Smart project management, events, tasks, contacts, frees you from the bten path and give more time for crtivity. LderTask will help you get rid of various sinks of time will help you see a clr vision of life, to have a detailed review of cases, the tasks you set higher goals and achieve them. In addition, LderTask - is also a convenient project manager, with which you can sily plan and manage your personal affairs as well as business projects.

* Calendar - a handy overview of tasks for the day, week, month.
* Preparation of work plan for the day. LderTask will help to crte an hourly schedule the task for the day.
* The organization of labor. The program will help keep track of contracts, invoices, payments and other documents, goods and services. The program automates the sales activities, planning and finance department. You can also automate and various other tasks.
* Organizer. LderTask is sy to use, sy to install on your desktop or home computer. We offer a user manual, offline-and online-help, which makes use of the program even sier and more affordable.
* Diary. LderTask - organizer for scheduling daily tasks, use it as a diary for task management.
* Master Plan. Viewing periods in the calendar grid. Editing tasks, reminders in the calendar. The possibility of crting personal calendars, crting repetitive tasks.
* Planning for the enterprise - LderTask scheduler can be used for business management - business meetings, storing business contacts, plans the implementation of projects for planning activities.
* Wallet. LderTask can be used as an electronic wallet or a manager. The wallet is used to store confidential information such as credit card s, addresses and access to services, logins and s to restricted parts of the site.
* Strategic objectives - LderTask allows you to store both tasks, projects and strategic goals.
* Contact Manager. Storage organization contacts and any related information: grouping, storing any data, quickly call a contact (email, ICQ, www, telephone ...)

Relsed: 2011
Language: Multi
Operating system: ® XP/Vista/7
Medicine: Yes

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