Saturday, May 21, 2016

Raxco Perfect Home Premium

Raxco Perfect Home Premium + Professional + Server + Exchange + VMWare 11.0 Build 185 | 458 MBre:All In One (AIO)
Raxco Perfect - Powerful defragmentation with almost all the necessary quality defragmentation ftures, including defragment all files in a single pass, the ability to consolidate directories on the stage of loading the OS, successful work with large and complex environments, the permissibility of a defragmentation of the MFT and system files. Can not only defrag drives, but also with the network, in this case to se the job profiles of network planning and defragment completely customizable logging work. Supported work with RAID-volumes. Have the option to auto-update software over the Internet.

New ftures and enhancements

Improved Performance
Manage reports of space
Faster free space consolidation
Extended planning Autopilot
Automated planning for virtual machines
Full defragmentation of system files, and NTFS metadata on the virtual s
Expanded and improved interface


Official certifiion from
Perfect Command Center - the most complete tool for managing, configuring and working in different conditions
Support for storage of large volumes
Technology SMARTPlacement - a patented method to optimize defragmentation strategies, reduces the total time and resources involved
Space Restoration Technology - Technology for the optimization of free space as large blocks
Built-in scheduler to automate virtually all kinds of operations
Patent-pending Resource Savert - technology to speed defragmentation
Mode smart "screensaver"
Defragment files and free space in one pass
lit load control on the processor and I / O
The need for less than 5% free space to work
Defragment individual files
Perfect Management - a mns to integrate with Active Directory
Perfect-Time - identifying restrictions for work and incrsing automation
Ability to work from the command line with a similar graphical interface capabilities
Joint work with the version of Perfect for Exchange and automatic defragmentation in different modes
Automatic updating of components through the Internet

Ftures RePackov

Interface English, Russian;
In medicine is not needed;
In this assembly is version:

Home Premium x86
Professional x86
Server x86
Exchange x86
VMware Workstation Guest x86
VMware Workstation Host x86

Home Premium x64
Professional x64
Server x64
Exchange x64
VMware Workstation Guest x64
VMware Workstation Host x64

From combining assemblies decrsed core size distribution.

32-bit version of Perfect, installed on 32-bit operating systems
64-bit version of Perfect, installed on 64-bit operating systems.

Silence can be supplied through the / S, but in a quiet mode, set the only version of Professional. For other versions, it is necessary to finish the script and add the setup for other versions.

Whats new in Perfect 1911 (Build 185)

There was a issue where a critical section of was not locked correctly. This could result in PDEngine or PDAt crashing. This has been resolved.
Changes were made to make Perfect 1911 compatible with new version of Perfect Enterprise Console (version 12.0)

The procedure for trtment

Run "kg.exe", erate a and register the program.

System requirements: ® XP/2000/2003/2008/Vista/7 x86 & x64Size: 458 MB

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