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My Autoplay Professional 9.56 Build 21032011D

My Autoplay Professional 9.56 Build 21032011D | 28 Mb

My Autoplay Professional - is one of the most popular and sy tools to crte professional autorun menus, interactive presentations, multimedia appliions and custom software in just minutes with no programming experience. Use your favorite content such as s, , music, Flash, text, buttons, hyperlinks, and much more! Menu that apprs when you insert your / disc into the drive, lets you launch appliions, open documents, play , open websites, send emails, work with audio files, and much more.

My Autoplay Ftures
- Just thinking, no programming.
- Rapid development environment to crte autoplay menus quickly.
- Powerful WYSIWYG designer, sy to use without lrning.
- sy testing without ing on disc.
- Comes with many templates.
- Protect menus from being modified by others with .
- Crte projects from templates, (It comes with a large of templates and project assistants that enable anyone to crte professional results in no time at all.)
- Support multi-page window, shaped window and full screen window.
- Interactive Objects
- Install specified fonts before loading a menu rte drop down menu bar for pages like most standard to make your page more professional.
- Hide menus in system tray (Action).
- Input text box to check user entry and do action
- Internal slide show support.
- Muti-Action (There are unlimited actions available for ch object including running external programs and opening documents,
pointing web browser to specific web page, displaying text messages, navigating another Page, etc.)
- Many cool controls.
- Send Email Action
- Shutdown Actions
- Make Business Cards
- Custom Shapes
- Publish to Web/Email Executable
- Open Website
- Shutdown Splash
- Play Multimedia Files
- Display Acrobat PDF Documents
- Protect menus from being modified by others with
- Option button control.
- sy testing without ing on disc.
- Hot spot support in your menu
- Page have action when Loaded
- Sample Projects
- Internal slide show (by Action)
- Support multi-page window, shaped window and full screen window.
- Explorer or folder on (Actions)
- Computer Restart & Shutdown (Actions)
- Timer control to do actions after time
- Resize window in run time (Action)
- Many kinds of actions such as launching appliion, open document, etc.
- Many controls.
- Embed Flash Player, Internet Explorer in menus.
- Eject & Eject and exit (Action)
- Copy file, folder, or all form to hard drive (Action)
- Text and graphic comments while moving cursor over controls.
- Support /WAV/MID/WMA files for background music.
- Play files & sound files in player tool (Actions)
- Show splash screen and end screen
- Play sound when mouse over buttons or click
- Customize disc icon and mouse cursors.
- support animated GIF
- PDF Object
- Youtube Object
- SlideShow Object
- menu Object
- Media Player Object
- Many styles of button
- Play background music (play list) looped
- File list tool (to display more files) in your menu
- Fast and Fun to Use!
- make your page more professional.
- Add advanced Label With full Gradient Color.
- Add expiration Date.
- Custom Button control.
- Jump to next page.
- Jump to Previous page.
- Jump to Last page.
- Jump to first page.
- Publish Project Menu.
- Always On Top Action
- Pack your project in one exe file (self-extractor)
And much more.

Download Accelerator Plus Premium v9.6.0.6 Final With

Download Accelerator Plus Premium v9.6.0.6 Final With

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the world's most popular download manager with over 180 million installs worldwide. DAP accelerates your download speed so you can get all your favorite files, appliions, and s as fast as possible.

Additionally, DAP ftures powerful privacy, security, and file management tools letting you download with confidence and flexibility. DAP is sy to use working automatically with your web browser to provide the fastest download speed possible. In fact, DAP is so simple to use that it lets you keep on working in your favorite download style, IE style or FireFox list style.

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) will accelerate the speed with which you can receive files over the Internet using FTP and HTTP.

Downloading is safer as well thanks to DAP's download security powered by SpeedBit's Multi Antivirus (MAV) Analysis that lets you compare what the lding Antivirus programs have to say about your downloads. DAP is available in 38 languages, with translations provided by users contributing to the SpeedBit Translation Wiki Project.

* New icons design and a slick look
* Upgraded file management interface
* Available in 42 languages including Estonian and Filipino
Known Bugs:
* In the Chrome browser, automatic downloads are downloaded by the browser, and not with DAP
* DAP right-click menu items do not function properly in Google Chrome version 5
* DAP acceleration cannot be disabled in Google Chrome on a web page that is alrdy loaded
* During new Google Chrome browser sessions, downloads are handled by Chrome, and not by DAP
* Added support for Google Chrome 10
* Fixed triggering problem of free Rapidshare downloads.

Yr: 2011
OS: 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Language: Multi
: -Bahman

J. River Media Center 16.0.54 Beta

J. River Media Center 16.0.54 Beta | 25 Mb

J. River Media Center – Media Center. Plays most popular audio and formats, including , audio and , can convert -audio tracks in WAV, , copy to your hard vinyl discs and cassettes, as well as crte an audio-, and for all of these functions, the program has many configurable parameters. Besides, there are very good and powerful in its capabilities organizer of multimedia files, mediaredaktor, equalizer, built-in DSP and convenient scheduler for automating processes playing / recording, as well as support for remote control. From the optional, but nice ftures – becoming almost a standard for “decent” programs can change the apprance using skins, mini-player mode and the “”.

• Supports over 80 media file formats
• Crte custom Playlists and Smartlists from your media library
• Rips and en to WMA, OGG, APE, , FLAC and more
• Freeware and data ing
• Support for popular devices, including iPod®, Crtive® and San® players
• Lding edge organization and customization options
• Selectable skins and Slim View with cool translucent effect
• Srch, download and play rich content from Google /s, YouTube and SHOUTcast - all without lving the appliion
• Support for PlaysForSure devices and music subscription services
• Unique Action Window for a quick route to tasks such as , tag or handheld sync.
• Thter View fullscreen mode for the 10-foot interface experience. Browse media on your
• Media Mode buttons for fast access to media type: music, photos, s
• Integrated labeler for printing custom labels and covers
• Podcast support, including one click subscriptions
• pix01 photo and gallery fture. Crte, upload and share photo and albums on the web - for free!
• Powerful, flexible ing engine - multiple s, split large files across discs
• Fast and efficient file tagging system
• Automatic folder monitoring and import of newly added files
• Mouse wheel zooming and panning for pictures, , and
• Customizable View schemes -- Best file organization of any jukebox
• Freeform Mini View skins
• Support for Standard View skins
• Support for Winamp 2 skins
• 40+ visualizations, and support for White Cap and the latest G-Force visualizations
• New Display View mode
• Remote control support
• Cross-fading and gapless playback
• Media Server -- Home networking
• Replay Gain (volume leveling)
• In-line file property editing
• Plug-in support, including third-party plug-ins
• Web and radio
• Find retailer srch
• Online Artist info srch
• Visualization Studio - crte and save your own visualizations
• Media Scheduler
• Integrated Download Manager
• DSP/EQ Studio
• Media Editor for editing sound files
• Broadcast and cable (with tuner card)
• playback and recording
• Digital organization and tagging
• 3D visualizations
• Flexible database that allows unlimited new fields to be added
• Cover View -- shows album art/ for ch track or or
• recording and instant-replay, Pause, Resume, FFWD, REW
• Pane View and Tag mode for the sy selection and tagging of files
• Integrated music/ slideshow
• Preset Smartlists -- 1 hour of random music, Last 100 tracks played, etc.
• ASIO Playback
• Multi-Zone Playback
• Web or FTP upload of media files
• TiVo Home Media Option support for music and s. Enjoy your Playlists through TiVo
• Support for Universal Plug 'n' Play devices e.g. Media strmers
• Document support with full text srching/indexing
• Basic editing
• Multi-Zone Synchronization
• Split View fture - Open Library and Playing Now together
• Freeware Integrated support for Audible™ audiobook store
• Freeware File transfer support for PlayStation Portable™

What's New in This Relse:
- Fixed: Rare ddlock when srching for DLNA devices and a previously found device was not found.
- Fixed: Corrupt JPEG files could take a long time to analyze.
- Fixed: On XP, watching some types of network drives with auto-import could cause ddlocks when stopping auto-import.
- SDK: Added MCWS/v1/Television/SeekInformation function that is used by television playback from a client to provide faster seeking.
- Optimized: Revised split file engine used by television to use ranged requests when possible to improve library server client performance.
- NEW: On screen position indior for playback (, television, ) when in Fast Forward or Rewind mode.
- Fixed: Some WAV tags could cause problems.
- Optimized: Reduced the amount of network traffic when playing television with a library server client.

Pro Sessions Vol 21 Skillz 2 Pay the Billz Electricity

Pro Sessions Vol 21 Skillz 2 Pay the Billz Electricity
M-Audio | Tm AI | SAMPLE / Acid Aiff Rex2 | 521 MB
The first volume from the Skillz 2 Pay the Billz series contains banging bts, slammin' music and hits that will blow your mind. Written and produced by Carlos Vasquez of Digital Assasins and Compfonic, Electricity is the perfect collection for crting brks (nu, hard, or old skool), electro, electroclash,and more.

Platinum Hide IP v3 0 7 6 Final incl

Everyday we rd more and more stories about s brking into big businesses, stling their identities and wrking eral havoc. It’s no wonder that we’ve become wary of the Internet and concerned about the Internet privacy.

• Anonymize Your Web Surfing
Your rl IP is hidden when you surf on the Internet, keeping your online activity from being tracked by others.

• Protect Your Identity
Anonymous web surfing enables you to prevent identity thieves from stling your identity or other personal information, and keep your computer safe from attacks or other risks.
• Choose IP Country and Check IP
Proxy lists of many countries are enabled and you decide to select one country from the Choose IP Country window. You can check the current IP address directly.
• Send Anonymous Emails
Send anonymous emails through any web based mail system such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
• Get Unbanned from Forums and Blocked Websites
Change your IP address and then you can get unbanned yourself from any forums or other blocked websites that have ever banned you from.

- Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 9.00.37914 Multilingual

- Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 9.00.37914 Multilingual
2010 | English | PC | | ver 9.00.37914 | Size: 315 Mb
re: System tools
FileServe FileSonic BitShare Uploading links

Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 is a simple, cost-effective backup and recovery solution for small businesses that helps minutesimize downtime and avoid disaster by sily recovering individual data files/folders or complete desktops or laptops in minutesutes - not hours or days - even to different hardware, virtual environments, or remote loions.

->--- Backup desktops and laptops automatically, without disrupting employee productivity, and save to any storage device
->--- Restore individual files and folders in seconds using the built-in srch tool or Google Desktop
->--- Recover complete systems in minutesutes to same or dissimilar hardware with Restore AnywareTM Technology, including support for 7
->--- Enables offsite Backup Copy to FTP loion or secondary drive for enhanced disaster recovery capabilities

->--- Recover what you need, when and where you need it, including individual files, folders or complete systems in minutesutes, even to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments.
->--- Replace time-consuminutesg, manual and error-prone processes with fast, reliable, automated recovery to dramatically minutesimize downtime and avoid disaster
->--- Manage your business not your backups with proactive data and system protection, all from an sy-to-use, wizard-driven interface
->--- Centrally manage backup and recovery tasks for multiple desktops/laptops across your entire organization (via Backup Exec System Recovery Manager

3herosoft Converter +

WinApp | 3herosoft Converter | 5.2 Mb
3herosoft Converter is the powerful and innovative Converter software that can convert among all popular files with grt output quality and fast conversion speed.
3herosoft Converter allows you to convert among various files such as AVI to MPEG, MKV to MP4, WMV to AVI, WMV to MPEG or H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 3GP to MPEG, etc. The converted files can be played on almost all fashioned portable devices including iPod, iPhone, iPad, PS3, PSP, Xbox, , Zune, Crtive Zen, BlackBerry, Mobile Phone, Archos, Pocket PC, and so on.

In additon to the formats above, 3herosoft Converter can also support other popular formats such as WMV, AVI, DivX, MKV, M4V, MPEG, MP4, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, RM, MOV, XviD, FLV, 3GP, VOB, DAT. And it also allows you to extract audios including M4A, , AC3, AAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, etc. from s with perfect quality.