Saturday, May 21, 2016

Aperture V3.1.4 +

Aperture V3.1.4 + | 683MB
The fun begins even befe you finish impting your photos. Double-click thumbnails in the Impt window to view s play s and hr audio files befe they’re fully impted. If you’re on a ddline you can begin adjusting an even if it’s still being copied from your memy card to your Mac.
While the files are impting Aperture 3 grabs data like shutter speed aperture lens and focus points and starts sting it right away. You can even add your own wds and automatically apply an adjustment preset on impt.

F extra flexibility Aperture lets you ste your s wherever and however you like — directly in Aperture 3 on external drives in their iginal folders. Choose to impt RAW and JPEG s together as separate s so you can wk with them individually. And Aperture 3 can automatically back up your master s to a second drive during impt.
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