Saturday, May 21, 2016

Shield Browser Edition 0.8.1 relsed

Every week new financial, state-sponsored and commercial espionage targeted attacks are discovered. These sophistied advanced persistent thrts use arsenals of vulnerability s that are wponized to stl confidential information and trade secrets. Organizations remain infected while security companies rush to develop updated signatures for an outdated security model.

Shield protects users where traditional security msures fail. It consists of an innovative patent-pending appliion shielding technology that prevents malicious s from compromising computers through software vulnerabilities.Shield Browser Edition version 0.8.1 (beta2) has been relsed that improves the core engine as well as some basic usability improvements:

Improved detection of memory sImproved detection of Java sImproved prevention of false positivesAbility to run as a non-administrator userFixes for various bugs and crashes
In order to install Shield Browser Edition 0.8 on top of the previous 0.7 version, simply download the new version and run the installer. It will automatically upgrade the previous version. IMPORTANT: make sure to close all your browsers prior to running the installation.

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