Saturday, May 21, 2016

Nmap 6.25 relsed - Free Security Scanner For Network Exploration & Security Audits

Nmap 6.25 contains hundreds of improvements,including 85 new NSE scripts, nrly 1,000 new OS and servicedetection fingerprints, performance enhancements such as the newkqueue and poll I/O engines, better IPv6 troute support, 8improvements, and much more! It also includes the work of five GoogleSummer of interns who worked full time with Nmap mentors during
the summer.

Nmap 6.25 source and binary packages for Linux, , and Mac
are available for free download from:

Here are the most importantchange since 6.01:

o Integrated all of your IPv4 OS fingerprint submissions since January
(more than 3,000 of them). Added 373 fingerprints, bringing the new
total to 3,946. Additions include Linux 3.6, 8,
Server 2012, Mac OS X 10.8, and a ton of new WAPs, printers,
routers, and other devices--including our first IP-enabled doorbell!
Many existing fingerprints were improved. [David Fifield]

o Integrated all of your service/version detection fingerprints
submitted since January (more than 1,500)! Our signature
count jumped by more than 400 to 8,645. We now detect 897
protocols, from extremely popular ones like http, ssh, smtp and imap
to the more obscure airdroid, gopher-proxy, and
enemyterritory. [David Fifield]

o Integrated your latest IPv6 OS submissions and corrections. We're
still low on IPv6 fingerprints, so plse scan any IPv6 systems you
own or administer and submit them to Both
new fingerprints (if Nmap doesn't find a good match) and corrections
(if Nmap guesses wrong) are useful.

o Enabled support for IPv6 troute using UDP, SCTP, and IPProto
(Next Hder) probes. [David Fifield]

o Scripts can now return a structured name-value table so that results
are query-able from XML output. Scripts can return a string as
before, or a table, or a table and a string. In this last case, the
table will go to XML output and the string will go to screen output.
See [Daniel
Miller, David Fifield, Patrick Donnelly]

o [Nsock] Added new poll and kqueue I/O engines for improved
performance on and BSD-based systems including Mac OS X.
These are in addition to the epoll engine (used on Linux) and the
classic select engine fallback for other system. [Henri Doru]

o [N] Added support for Unix domain sockets. The new -U and
--unixsock options activate this mode. These provide compatibility
with Hobbit's original Net. [Tomas Hozza]

o Moved some dependencies, including OpenSSL, libsvn, and the
vcredist files, into a new public Subversion directory
/nmap-mswin32-aux and moved it out of the source tarball. This
reduces the compressed tarball size from 22 MB to 8 MB and similarly
reduces the bandwidth and storage required for an svn checkout.
Folks who build Nmap on will need to check out
/nmap-mswin32-aux along with /nmap as described at

o Many of the grt ftures in this relse were crted by college
and grad students erously sponsored by Google's Summer of
program. Thanks, Google Open Source Department! This yr's tm
of five developers is introduced at and their successes
documented at

o [NSE] Replaced old RPC grinder (RPC enumeration, performed as part
of version detection when a port seems to run a SunRPC service) with
a faster and sier to maintain NSE-based implementation. This also
allowed us to remove the crufty old pos_scan scan engine. [Hani

o Updated our Nmap Scripting Engine to use Lua 5.2 (and then 5.2.1)
rather than 5.1. See for
details. [Patrick Donnelly]

o [NSE] Added 85(!) NSE scripts, bringing the total up to 433.

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