Saturday, May 21, 2016

XP SP3 x86 Universal Full USB+USBoot RTM

XP SP3 x86 Universal Full USB+USBoot RTM (2010/ENG + RUS MUI) | 1.4GB
Operating system with instant production completely all critical and non-critical updates with the function ability to work through the USB port on a different computer, inclusive (the English) have alrdy activated and authentied. No problem localized to any language (MUI rus attached)
Drivers for in the beeches are in the system and further selection system with Acronis Universal Restory copyright USB works for this change and technology USBoot addition to this (Click on statement appended to the folder ACRONIS for transfer to the USB after deployment to a computer you do not need but flash drives pre-visited the USB port. To enable technology USBoot rd the contents of the folder USBoot2.11 USBoot phase-I has alrdy been made for you.)

In the operating system added

All critical updates on March 16, 2010
All additions to the critical updates
All optional add-on in the
Internet Eksplorer 8
Media 11
Net Fremvork fly to and including 3,5 SP1
Directx 9.0 February 2010
Alky for
SQL Server 2005
Sync Framework
Visual C + + 2005 c update
Vista Sidebar with gadgets
Driver support for SATA2 beeches
Additions for Virtual PC
20 topics RD (species under spoiler)

Drivers in the
AMD 3.1.1547.124
SiS 5.1.1039.3020
ViA 5.1.6000.581

Changes in the system

Editorial support for the work via a USB port
files for unsigned themes
USB port on the frequency is incrsed 2-fold
paging is disabled
DLLCACHE purified and size set to 0
System Restore is turned off
Last updated menu for selecting the kernel-type machine for connections
on different computers
The system is activated and validated
USBoot without requiring the and enter
added 20 desktop themes of different styles

Additions to the operating system

Rl-time kernel (RTM) c
MUI Russian
VirtualPC 2007 SP1 portable
Half open limit
TuneUp_Utilites portable
True Transparency
XP Manager portable
Clever Cache Pro
UltraISO 9.3 portable
Total Commander portable
Kit to replace the and
k pack-KLite
Doctor portable
AURA Portable

From the author builds:
Additions are in a separate papchke and if necessary use. This type - the software without a choice that you need from me, do not wait. But the core of RTM which I gave to you - hell where you will find.

Software version: USB + USBoot (RTM)
Language: English + RUS MUI
Trtment: not required
Type of medicine: not required

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