Saturday, May 21, 2016

XP Destination Drm Full 2012 ISO/ENG

XP Destination Drm Full 2012 ISO/ENG | 524 MB
Relse Ftures

Version does not consume Aktar than 1.3 GB when Altstaib And the summit of the stability and performance
Atstgrq for a long time during the tracklist
Relse extremely fast and can be used on old hardware
Pentium2 & Pentium3
Can be used on Ramat 128 MB
Ginuwine and accept the update from

System Requirements CPU: P. II, P. III or Higher VGA: 32 MB Ram: 128 MB Space: 2 GB Version was modified to copy raw XP Professional sp2.v5.1.2600.2180
What has been deleted
Some Language Delete most of the unused languages Except Arabic, English, French, German
Tour Old Messenger WMP Old ScreenSavers And some unimportant additions
What was added Wallpapers high quality of the HD Vista Theme Black Vista Theme Blue Orignal Integrated
Has not added anything that weighs version such as programs and other ch user is using its Favorites Without being forced to program

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