Saturday, May 21, 2016

VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate Final Multilanguage

VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate Final Multilanguage | 19.8 Mb

Blu-ray Converter software can convert any Blu-ray or AVCHD structure (from HD camcorder) to (with menu) or other formats supported by most popular devices like PS3, XBOX360, DivX home player, iPod, iPhone, iPad…the type of content it contains:* only one main ,* with bonus content (like making of, directors comments…),* multi-version (like short & long versions…),
* series type (where all episodes will be listed separately)
* multi-angle (ch angles will be listed separately). If this type of is found, you will have access to a preview module displaying only the difference between the angles to select the good one.
* …other type of content will be added regarding last Blu-ray we are testing (you can send a post if you find a Blu-ray poorly recognized, and we provide a fix ASAP)
-Once the structure is analyzed, you can select the sequences, the audio track and the subtitle track you want to keep. For the subtitle fture, if you select profile the subtitles will be end as subtitle (and you will can show/hide them using remote control). If you choose a single file profile (like PS3, iPod, iPhone, XBOX 360…) the subtitles will be directly hard d in .
- The next step allows you to choose the output profile, the maximum target size of the output file(s), the menu template (if profile is selected)… and more. A visual helper display the final quality regarding total size to convert, the maximum target size and the selected profile to help the user to found the good settings.
- The project can be automatically be t after the conversion by checking the option “ final result after successful rip” (this option can be changed while converting too)
- While the encoding process is working you can ask to shut down or hibernate your computer at process end

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