Saturday, May 21, 2016

Termineter : smart meter testing framework

Termineter is a framework written in python to provide a platform for the security testing of smart meters. It implements the C12.18 and C12.19 protocols for communiion. Currently supported are Meters using C12.19 with 7-bit character sets. Termineter communies with Smart Meters via a connection using an ANSI type-2 optical probe with a interface.

Basic Steps
Below is a summary of the basic steps to get started with Termineter after the environment has been configured.

Connect the optical probe to the smart meter and start termineterConfigure the connection options. On , this would be something like COM1 and on Linux something like /dev/ttyS0. Check Configuring the Connection for more details.Use the connect command, this will also check that the meter is responding.
Will Termineter integrate with Metasploit?
No, Termineter will not integrate with Metasploit. Because of the highly specialized nature of the appliion there is no need to integrate with Metasploit at this time.

Will Termineter work with Non-ANSI Meters?
No, Termineter will only support meters that conform to the ANSI standards, specifically ones that support C12.18 and C12.19.

Can Termineter rd how much power is being used?
Technically, yes if the tables can be accessed. The information would however be raw and unparsed. Because Termineter was designed with a focus on the need for a security orientated tool, most consumer-related ftures have not been fully developed. This may change at a later point in time as development continues.

Download Termineter

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