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Serif Plus X5 v. [SW] 2011

Serif Plus X5 (2011) | 1.14 GBre: Graphics & DesignPlus X5 is a powerful solution for digital editing with sy-to-use tools and stunning studio-quality effects. Produce professional and record the result on or Blu-ray discs, or load in the network, for what would have to share with friends, family or the whole world.System requirements:

* Computer: -based PC with a -drive and mouse

* Operating System: XP (32 bit), Vista, or 7

* Memory: 1GB RAM

* Hard space: 1.47 GB

* Monitor: 1024 x 768 (1280x1024)

* Networking: The account and Internet connection (for the Auto Update and export to YouTube)


Plus provides non-linr editing, non-destructive editing of any format compatibility. It supports the track of an unlimited of tracks simultaneously present, an unlimited of audio tracks, as well as the standard editing ftures such as ripple, roll, slip, slide, scrub, razor blade and time remapping. It comes with the transitions (transitions) such as dissolve, iris, distortion and other 3D transitions, as well as a of filters. Plus, like all modern systems of nonlinr editing is also possible up-convert (to another up-scale) material in standard definition material to high definition, and the possibility of cross-conversion (cross-convert) s with different frame rates. Like many similar products, the entire rendering process is carried out in software, not hardware: the rendering is a slow process, even on a fast computer.


Plus X5 is based on the timeline (timeline), which can accommodate several overlays (overlay), music, s and audio tracks individually or organized into groups. Sources of , audio and s can be organized into a media group (lists, lists - media panels), which can then be dragged into the relevant part of timeline. Using the built-in file browser, they also can draw from any loion on the . After indied the presence of sources on the timeline, the tools in Plus can be used for non-destructive editing, processing and regrouping of these sources. All actions can be viewed with screen preview. Properties panel will show you detailed information about any source and allow them to fine tune. There are two sound level meter to the left and right audio channels. The positions and sizes of these panels can be changed and if you use multiple monitors, the various panels can be placed on different monitors. Plus has an interface with a switch mode type shuttle (shuttle interface) (variable scan speed clip, forward or backward) and the interface with jog operation (jogging interface) for frame advance. In Plus X3 has been added to the storyboard mode, which makes editing for linr projects, and provides a more attractive and sy interface.

Project files:

As with similar appliions of digital nonlinr editing, Plus rlly does not change media sources, he constructs a little "project file, which contains links to all the used media sources, along with detailed information about the virtual changes, transitions, special effects and titles. When the export is completed , Plus uses this project file for crting, rendering and encoding . If media sources have been moved to another loion on your hard drive, Plus displays a warning and allows the operator to find a new loion or remove the source of this . If multiple sources of media were transferred to similar new loion, Plus can quickly re-establish contact with the entire group.


Effects and envelopes (or envelope - envelops) are introduced by placing a special personnel on the track timeline. ch of these frames contains information about the effects that should be applied at this point to a specific source of information. For example: transparency, color, or scaling (zoom) source, volume, or the effect of moving sound source, scaling, rotating pictures. frames can be applied to the source, path, or at the group level.

Sources, computer-erated (Computer erated Sources):

Plus provides sources for computer-erated background color, shapes and masks, text in different styles. They can be adjusted and moved on the timeline.

Transitions (transitions):

Plus provides a range of 2D and 3D transitions. They can be dragged and dropped onto the timeline.

Advanced editing and blending modes:

Plus supports an unlimited of overlays (overlays), music, s and audio tracks, as well as groups of tracks to connect all the elements together. Blend modes, such as in , are also possible when using the advanced mixing (advanced blending) with overdubs and lots of effects, which are erally lacking in entry-level software packages.

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