Saturday, May 21, 2016

ScreenHunter Pro 5.1.769-ZWT

ScreenHunter Pro 5.1.769-ZWT | 5.24 MB

The total screen capture solution! ScreenHunter Pro is the most advanced version of ScreenHunter with all the necessary tools included for your screen capture needs. It provides the total capture solution to save you time and boost productivity. With ScreenHunter Pro, you can immediately see the benefits of these numerous time-saving ftures and deliver the highest quality screenshots. ScreenHunter Pro is a software that allows you to capture screen s.As well, it offers sy-to-use user interface and maximum flexibility for a more interactive capture experience. Powerful and lit, ScreenHunter Pro has proven to be an incomparable ally in the ar of business.

Here are some ftures of "ScreenHunter Pro":

· Capture exactly what you want
· With an array of capture options, combined with Zoombox and adjustable ar, you can take any part of the screen precisely in flexible ways, including freehand, DirectX, screen saver and screens. Web capture is also available.
· High productivity
· ScreenHunter offers multi-object capture, auto-scroll, auto-scale, as well as text capture. It supports auto-capture at any given interval or schedule it anytime you want. It also supports single hot, Print Screen , multiple hot, auto-email and print.
· Time saving smart ftures
· It can automatically find out which file format has the smallest file size and save your capture in that format. Captures can be saved with automatically erated file names. They can be optimized JPEG, high quality GIF, small size PNG, TIFF or BMP format with your color choice.
· sy viewing and editing
· ScreenHunter is the only screen capture software with a multi-document viewer and editor. It can hold up to 100 s and with a versatile imaging editor. You can edit your captures directly -- by high quality zooming, resizing, and cropping, as well as adding text or annotation. You can drag & drop multiple files from the desktop and Internet.

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