Saturday, May 21, 2016

RecentX v3.0 Full download

RecentX v3.0 Build 12 | 16 Mb

Truly extra-ordinary program to find files, folders, programs & websites! Save enormous time accessing your best files, folders, programs, websites instantly. Automatically detects files & folders that you access more often. You do not have to pick & select. Just install and see it work for you. Shockingly faster way to work with files, folders, programs & websites.

Saves a lot of time
Instantly launch any file, document, folder, program, web history or bookmark using very few trokes.
Avoids outdated ways of accessing folders
Avoids tedious folder navigation. No need to access deep folder trees & sub-menus in order to launch any document, folder, program or website. Just type & go!
Made even more sier
Assign tags to files & folders. Group them based on projects. Access them in a single click.
Whole computer on your desktop
Traditionally, one would keep only essential files on desktop for faster access. But with RecentX Launcher, accessing any file, any level deep is equally fast.
There is nothing to lrn
RecentX Launcher is simple & works out of the box. You don't need to configure your favorite files or folders. Just install & see it working.
Shows you what is best
Automatically gets the files and folders that are more important to you. Items that are recently & frequently accessed are shown before other trivial items. Makes launching sier.
Quickie file manager
Perform frequent file operations such as copy, move, delete, rename without launching a file manager such a Explorer.
One stop for all your bookmarks
Get fast access to bookmarks & history from Mozilla Firefox, Internet Exporer, Google Chrome & Opera.
Access remote folders like local
Automatically lists the network folders that you access. Launching a network folder any level deep takes less than 3 seconds.
Does more than just launching
Find any file or folder on your computer in less than 3 seconds, attach a file to email using drag & drop, use Explorer plug-ins from RecentX Launcher.

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