Saturday, May 21, 2016

PFTrack 5.0r11 win x86

PFTrack 5.0r11 win x86 | 36.16 MB
Unlike other match-moving appliions, the PFTrack app will allow you to manipulate tracking data at many levels.From the simple one button click approach, right through to building complex mattes and editing of individual camera parameters via spline-based F-Curves.Match movers rarely have a need to step outside the integrated toolset within PFTrack. PFTrack's robust camera solver gives you fast and accurate results.Solving for the camera motion will estimate the path of the camera through 3D space, and reconstruct precise 3D camera and object motion paths out of any type of live action footage.

Here are some ftures of "PFTrack":

Geometry Tracking:
· Import .obj models from 3D Appliions to use as tracking guides
· Per Vertex weight painting to imporve tracking of complex shots
· Fast hd and face replacement using imported geometry
· Track set models into footage for set extensions
· View geometry as wire frame, transparent and flat shaded modes
· Full geometry manipulation tools
· frame tracking for grter accuracy
· Vertex to Pixel pinning

Stereoscopic Tracking:
· Support for dual camera solve of Left and Right Eye
· Automatic calculation of Occular distance and converce point
· Rendering of Anaglyph preview complete with tracking markers

Camera Solver:
· Major Speed Improvments
· Motion Capture Solver
· Extented Camera Motion Types
· Reference Frame support
· Solve multiple camera motions in one pass
· Independant Motion Group Solving
· Partial Solve Saving
· Delete camera path over a range of frames

Object Tracking:
· Track individual rigid moving objects
· Export object data independantly of camera motion

Focal length estimation:
· Intuative 3D estimation tool
· Calculate accurate focal lengths with no camera data

Editable F-Curves:
· Edit any camera parameter within PFTrack and resolve quickly
· Editable visual display of Camera and Tracking errors

Integrated Z depth extraction:
· Extract per pixel depth from moving s
· View pixel depth as 3D
· User defined depth layer eration
· Export of Z depth data as grey map or mesh

Integrated based modeling tools:
· Auto-Mesh moing tool
· Vertex based primitive moing
· Full texture extraction and mapping
· Export of geometry to all major 3D systems

Optical Flow Analysis:
· Optical flow calculation aorithm
· Proxy resolution flow field support
· Brush-based flow editing tools
· Matte and fture-based flow control
· Export to floating-point and RGB s
· Option to ignore specific user/auto-ftures from the camera solve
· Multiple undo for ftures and mattes

1. install
2. copy pftrack.exe to C:\Program Files (x86)\The Pixel Farm\PFTrack V5.0r11\bin
3. copy .txt C:\Program Files (x86)\The Pixel Farm\
4. enjoy it.

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