Saturday, May 21, 2016

G Data AntiVirus 2012 Full

G Data AntiVirus 2012 Full | 321 MB

G Data Software, Inc. best-in-class protection without any loss of computing power or speed. Use of self-lrning fingerprinting and whitelisting mns incrsed scan speeds and reduced memory requirements. Improved proactive detection of unknown viruses through the use of optimized behavior blocking. Significant data reduction during installation and update routines through the use of revised cloud computing. G Data AntiVirus once again sets the highest security benchmarks in virus, spyware and phishing protection!
New ftures in G Data 2012
- New on-execution monitor mode
- Cloud-Security & File-Cloud-Check
- Larger fingerprinting database with less memory use
- Proactive protection from online banking trojans
- Idle scan: automatic virus check when user is inactive and the system is idle
- Improved Outlook add-in
- Optimized monitor performance
- All vital information available at a glance in the redesigned G Data SecurityCenter
- -Backup for full system backups and recovery (available in G Data NotebookSecurity 2012 and G Data TotalCare 2012

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