Saturday, May 21, 2016

G Data AntiVirus 2012 Build Final

G Data AntiVirus 2012 Build Final | 323 MB
G DATA AntiVirus 2012 - is a modern antivirus solution providing protection for enterprises in rl time from most common to date security thrt - viruses. Two anti-virus core in a single product, unparalleled managbility, free update virus databases and support group GData.When used to protect the perimeter of a corporate network solution GData protects companies from various types of malicious and potentially dangerous executable files before their actual entry into the network.

eration of security products G Data ftures new ftures that will impress users. Alrdy become accustomed excellent detection of viruses and extremely fast response to new thrts Ftured Products G Data, a lder in quality, the products of other companies. In the 2012 eration products are integrated proactive detection techniques, such as: behavioral control, and "cloud" technology, which quickly protect your PC from unknown viruses and do not lve the online criminals a chance.

New eration products from G Data sy to manage for both novice and pro. The new «one click» interface immediately displays all the important settings, such as: the current status of safety or security settings you made, and it differs a well thought out navigation concept.
G Data provides the best protection without sacrificing performance PCs. Incrsed scanning speed and an even smaller memory requirements due to a self-lrning technology "file fingerprint technology and the" white list ". Advanced proactive detection of unknown viruses through optimized behavioral control and a significant reduction in the amount of data when you install and update software through the modified "cloud" technologies. G Data AntiVirus product sets a new scale-up security to protect against viruses, spyware and phishing.

Opportunities antivirus G Data AntiVirus:
• Anti-Virus (AntiVirus)
• Protection against rootkits (AntiRookit)
• Anti-Spyware (AntiSpyware)
• Protection against phishing (AntiPhising)
• Rapid detection of viruses
• Optimal response to new viruses
• Unique methods of detection of yet unknown viruses (heuristic analysis, "the cloud" security, behavioral blocking)
• sy and fun to use interface

ftures G Data AntiVirus:
• Set custom intervals or exact time of scanning.
• Protects all communiion channels: e-mail (POP3/IMAP), messaging clients (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ), etc.
• Blocks malicious software in appliions: Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla, Eudora, etc.
• Scanning archived and compressed files.
• dual-scan technology.
• The system to intercept viruses on the fly. "
• Built-in RootkitScanner to srch and neutralization of rootkits.
• Automatic scanning of HTTP-traffic.
• Appliion Integrity Control and Registry.
• Functions: «Fingerprinting» for quick interception of viruses, «ParallelScan» - optimization of a processor DualCore and QuadCore.
• Automatic security and speed.
• Automatically remove all the installed antivirus software during installation.

Operating systems: XP, Vista, 7
Language: English
: Yes

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