Saturday, May 21, 2016

Futuremark PCMark 7 Professional v.1.0.4

Futuremark PCMark 7 Professional v.1.0.4 | 321 MB
The Finnish company Futuremark has introduced a new version of its PCMark benchmark 7, which provides comprehensive testing of computers running 7. This package is intended to complement the existing range of software products, including PCMark05 XP and PCMark Vantage for Vista.There are 3 versions of PCMark 7:- Basic Edition allows an unlimited of launches, but significantly curtailed in the functionality and offers one of the 7 tests - free;
- Advanced Edition free from advertising, including all 7 tests (25 scripts), advanced management and storage of results - the cost $ 40;
- Professional Edition is designed for commercial use, differs from the version of Advanced Access to the command line for automation and priority support - such a would cost $ 1000.
7 tests listed in PCMark 7, providing a versatile computer performance evaluation:
- PCMark assesses the overall system performance;
- Lightweight designed for entry-level computers and mobile platforms that are unable to fully implement the common task;
- Entertainment provides a result on such tasks as media playback and gaming performance;
- Crtivity assesses your computer with s and ;
- Productivity shows how the system copes with tasks and surfing the Internet;
- Computation msure computational performance components;
- Storage evaluates the performance of data storage devices, including the SSD and external hard drives

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