Saturday, May 21, 2016

FolderSizes v5.0.84 Pro

FolderSizes v5.0.84 Pro | 8 Mb

FolderSizes has a world-wide user base of IT professionals, power users, and enterprises of all sizes - ch looking to maximize their storage resources and minimize waste. It employs an amazing, multi-thrded file system scanning engine that shows you results immediately - as the scan is progressing!

Benefits & Solutions
Explore, visualize, and comprehend local and network storage
Reclaim gigabytes of drive space - fast!
Improve storage capacity planning capability
Find the space hogs with just a few clicks
Manage and monitor space across the network (Pro edition only)
Publish usage reports right to your web server share
Strmline file systems to optimize backups
Monitor and enforce employee data storage policies
Find excessively long file names that interfere with storage, etc.
Find recently saved files without knowing their names (find recently modified)
Find files owned by a specific individual or group
View the "size on " (actual space consumed) for any file or folder
Visualize the distribution of files by file type, age, and size
Find and eliminate empty folders
Srch files by nrly any file attribute combination
Schedule the eration of nrly any FolderSizes report (Pro edition only)

Hierarchical folder map visualization (based upon treemap technology)
Integrated scheduler (Pro edition only)
Uni file and folder name support
Interactive, dynamic, full-color bar and pie graphs
Fast, multi-thrded, network-aware file system scanning
Isolate largest, oldest, duplie, and temporary files
View space utilization by file type / attributes
View local & network space usage by owner / group
Command line interface for scripting & integration (Pro edition only)
FilterZip regular-expression based compression system
See total & free space for fixed, removable, network drives
Export reports in HTML, XML (Pro edition only), CSV, and more
Integrates with the shell context menu (32 and 64 bit support!)
Extremely configurable - colors, fonts, print options, etc.
Flexible, multi-path oriented srch and file reporting systems
Strong support for viewing alloed space (e.g. "size on ")
"Command Prompt from Here" in all context menus
Super-fast, in-memory database provides stunning performance
Support for direct entry of UNC network paths in all reports
Optional symbolic link skipping

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