Saturday, May 21, 2016

Enterprise Linux 6 (i386)

Enterprise Linux 6 (i386) | 2.67 GB Enterprise Linux - Corporation initiative to crte its own OS distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.This specialized distribution designed for installation on the database server. The distribution includes all critical to the work of database updates, fixes some bugs. The purpose of announced a cer support for end users, is d under the GNU / GPL in the assemblies for the x86 and x86_64.

The main difference between Linux 6 from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is delivery included two versions of the packages with Linux-kernel 6.2.1932: the classical version of the company Red Hat - kernel-2.6.32-71.el6 and proprietary company - kernel- uek-2.6.32-100.28.5.el6. Prepared in the kernel package is used by default but is only available for the platform x86_64. Rdy-core binaries from the -compatible c RHEL 4 and 5, distributions and src.rpm-packets presented on the site, there can be downloaded and others present in the distribution packages. does not impose any restrictions on the supply of trained in the kernel to third-party products.

Ftures of Linux 6:

has relsed a new version of Linux distributions 6, based on the recently relsed Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0. Relse is available for x86 and x86_64. Linux 6 includes many new ftures and changes are just some of them:
Using the default filesystem ext4; filesystem support XFS.
Utility latencytop, designed to detect violations of responsiveness in the system.
Utility Powertop, designed to reduce enegropotrebleniya, identifying the most "voracious" processes.
Dropped support for up2date utility to access the repositories Unbrkable Linux Network (ULN), will now use only yum.
Utility ftrace, designed for trace analysis of the performance and responsiveness in the kernel.
Subsystem Performance Counters for Linux (PCL) to make use of performance counters that allow you to track all hardware and software developments, to analyze the system performance without slowing down its operation.
Kernel kernel-uek 2.6.32 (Unbrkable Enterprise Kernel) includes a large of optimizations and fixes

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