Saturday, May 21, 2016

Download Software Yahoo Messenger Offline Installer

Who is not familiar with yahoo messenger, the majority of Internet users would know yahoo messenger software crted by the Yahoo. Very diverse usefulness of chat, webcam, send files and much more, but this time just providing the online installer yahoo I do not understand why the software yahoo messenger yahoo give online by the installer.

There are some tips and tricks for you if you are new to Yahoo Messenger

1. How do you delete your Yahoo account?

If you are done with your Yahoo account completely and never want to access it again, srch Yahoo for the Account Termination page. This will make you log in and verify if you want to get rid of this account forever. Once done you can't go back.

2. How do you remove the ads in Yahoo Messenger?

You can't. The service is provided for free and Yahoo makes a profit from the ads. You can't use that client and not see the ads. If you hate ads, there are many third party chat clients that you can use instd. Something like Pidgin will let you use your Yahoo chat account but it does not have any ads. Some of these third party clients don't have all the same ftures like photo share or drag and drop file sharing.

3. How do you remove Yahoo Messenger?

To remove this program or any program, it's normally best in to go to the Control Panel then to Add/Remove Programs. A list of programs will come up. Select Yahoo Messenger and choose to uninstall it from the system.


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