Saturday, May 21, 2016

Download Software WikiDroid Free For Android

Wikidroid is the fastest browser to access the Wikipedia site for Android. See all Wikipedia articles with perfect format for your Android device in a fast interface, dynamic, and sleek. The design of sy navigation and fast. You can save the article you have ever rd and the access to re-rd the article that you do not need internet connection to Offline Mode fture. Wikidroid provides some ftures that are quite good for a free version for example:
- Live srch suggestions
- Google Voice
- Link queues - just long press on the link to add it to the queue
- Save an unlimited of pages for your storage for offline viewing anywhere
- Supports all Wikipedia languages
- Jump to a random article
- Add bookmarks + home screen shortcuts to articles
- The integration of srch
- Full-screen mode
- Quick language swap button
- Non-obtrusive ad

Hopefully this simple article into benefits for your pet android device for Download Software Wikidroid plse go to the link below.


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