Saturday, May 21, 2016

Download Software VLC Media Player Free

VLC media player is actually the best audio and player for various audio and formats, VLC media player is free software, and multi-functional. VLC Media Player runs on all operating systems e.g. Linux, , Mac OS X, BeOS, BSD, Solaris, Familiar Linux, and so on.

Firstly you must download VLC media Player and install it correctly.
1. Run VLC Media Player program2. Choose the file you want to strm
Click File, then choose Open File or Disc. The Open dialog box opens and click the Browse button at the top right of the Open dialog box. Choose the file you want to strm and either double click it or click Open.3. Setting Strm Output dialog box to begin the strming
a. Click Strm/ Save in the bottom left corner, the Strm Output dialog box will be opened. b. Check the Play Locally box if you want the file to play on the computer you're setting up. c. Click the UDP box, fill in the IP of the computer you will strm to, lve the Port as 1234. d. Click OK to go back to the file open dialog. Then click OK again to begin the strming.4. Run VLC on the computer you want to strm to
Go to the computer you are strming to, and run VLC program.5. Choose Open Network Strm and click OK
Click File, then choose Open Network Strm on anpther computer. Don't change any settings and click OK. If everything has gone right, the file can play on the remote computer very soon.

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