Saturday, May 21, 2016

Download Software Mozzila Firefox Portabel Version

Firefox Portable is a very good internet browser to use for surfing the portable, with many built-in security msures and addons. In addition, you can run it from a flash drive so that most of the tracks will be stored on a flash drive and not on the computer you are using. Note that some addons may not be portable. Crting files in a folder by default crash the user's AppData. In order to make it fully portable, see here.

Portable Firefox is excellent for use in flash drive because it is configured specifically to reduce the rd / write to and to run faster than a portable device. But note that you have to walk only FirefoxPortable EXE file, otherwise it will not be portable anymore. PortableApps is currently working on a portable version which allows free updates footprint with internal Firefox updater (in the present work but by writing to the user folder).

Also note that the portable version is about 40 MBs more resource intensive than the installed version, so for home browsing you might want to use the installer rather than the portable version.

PortableApps has a good and informative website to download their version of Portable Firefox (use the PortableApps Guide for installation tips). You can also get winPenPack X-Firefox version, but it is much more difficult to setup unless you use the suite.


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