Saturday, May 21, 2016

Download Software Libre Free

A little talk about software related to , I was amazed at all the software with a that is very expensive for the middle class down but users virtually worldwide. But the software is open source it did not sell at all, a little confused why be like that. For those who cannot buy a of I provide other alternatives like Open and Libre I discuss a bit about the two software is Open Source.


I have only just recently discovered Libre and it turns out that the developers working on Open decided that Apache was taking the project in the wrong direction and migrated to a new version based on the source for Open called Libre. They are both inevitably similar but it is believed Libre is now the best free alternative to with far more promise of updates in the future. Personally I have not switched from Open yet simply because it does everything I need at the moment. If you are just jumping on the open source bandwagon then I highly recommend you choose Libre.


Open is an open sourced suite owned by . If you don't know what open source mns the source of the project is freely available for developers to use and improve on. I absolutely love open source projects as it rlly shows what we can do as a community. 's Open very quickly became the first rl alternative to and the moment I hrd about it I went straight over to the website to try it out. I could not have been happier it, everything you would expect was ftured. There are some minor differences for instance cropping an directly within the text editor can be annoying but it's sy enough to work around. I am currently using Open and find it a joy to work with.


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