Saturday, May 21, 2016

Download Software Internet Download Manager Full

Download Software: Internet Download Manager is software to accelerate performance when downloading a file, most ftures of Internet Download Manager is a schedule in which the user can download and use the filter to get a specific file. Prior to our site plse DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE official Internet Download Manager, if it is done let's do a with a host block technique. Why Host Block technique? Why not use the ? Because the that is out there alrdy use many thousands of users, so the logic that has been used thousands of users will be automatically banned party developers such , as well as of the many outstanding programs out there.

Once the software is downloaded Internet Download Manager plse install first, if it is alrdy installed follow the way below.

If It entered into System32 plse go to the drivers folder
If you have entered in the drivers folder now go to the folder etc

If you have entered into the etc folder plse open the hosts file using notepad

The result will be like this

and enter the site address into the hosts file
The result is as shown below

stay save and finish the way block host Internet Download Manager, Hopefully useful.

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