Saturday, May 21, 2016

Download Software Draw X6 Full

Download Software: Draw X6 Full yesterday author once wrote about Draw X5 Download Software Full , this time the author will update the latest version of Draw complete with . To make a Draw X6 is very pretty complied, but the author will provide a Draw X6. Immediately, we did Draw X6, if you do not have plse download link below for the trial version.

Draw X6 32BIT
Draw X6 64BIT

If you have alrdy downloaded let's move on to the next step.
1.Now login to the official website of Draw if you do not alrdy have an account plse register first
2.If you have entered into Draw plse go to the official website link and Updates DRAW Graphics Suite X6
3.Now download the version of DRAW Graphics Suite X6.1

4.If you've downloaded and installed GSX6Update_1.exe with two clicks :p
Okay now completed the first step we did the last step, using a that had been prepared by the author. Plse download the first in the link below.
1. Install "DRAWGraphicsSuiteX6Installer_EN".

2. Select "I have a ".

3. Open the make sure the stuffing in the Program: Draw Graphics Suite X6 v 16.0 select and copy the that apprs on the . Attention! Do not close the ! Wait until the installation is complete.

4. After installation is complete, open DRAW X6, when the request box apprs, click the "Other Options", then click "Phone ".

5. In the request box, there is a box 3, (alrdy filled), Installation (alrdy filled), and (empty).

6. Note the contents of the box "Installation " (box 2), type the into the (on the Enter Your Installation here!) Without the minus sign (-).

7. After Installation on loaded, then click on the button (bottom, middle) and will appr (box 3), copy and paste again in the box in DRAW X6, click Next.

8. completed
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