Saturday, May 21, 2016

Download Apache Open For Mac

Open source is a broad terminology. Its use is not just limited to software. Open source software has its source freely available to the public, to use, modify and redistribute it without paying a royalty to the original developer. So developers in diverse industry segments, be it logistics or manufacturing or hlthcare, can use the source as a platform to develop appliions suiting to their specific needs.
The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a community of developers, intended to crte a platform for id sharing, crting awareness, and eduing people. The community can evolve and grow only through erous contribution from community partners and large companies who frequently offer their support to them. Most of the IT experts and professionals love the Linux Operating System and the Linux Community.

It is just grt for a developer to experiment with new and appliions with Linux.
Some of the most popular Open Source products are Linux (Operating System), Symbian (Mobile Operating System), Apache (HTTP Web Server), Eclipse (Integrated development environment) and Mozilla (Web Browser). Open Source projects and start-ups are often funded hvily by Venture capitalists. Popular companies like SugarCRM and MySQL have been backed up by large Venture capital funding.

Apart from Venture capitalists, the Open Source community receives a lot of funding from large companies like and RedHat. supports the Eclipse project. RedHat supports Linux appliions. SourceForge supports and hosts thousands of such projects. However I sometimes wonder if the Open Source Community can be a legitimate thrt to vendors of proprietary software. There is still very less actual adoption of Open Source appliions. Most vendors cite a high total cost of ownership (TCO) for these appliions. Details of s, identifying value, understanding the maturity of the software, identifying channels to procure and risk evaluation needs to be done before a company takes a decision to adopt these soft.

Traditional software vendors such as and SAP have taken steps in order to respond to open source adoption. Recently migrating from Strategic Consumer to Strategic Developer, SAP supports the Eclipse Foundation by providing full time resources and developers for various projects. This is a strategic move to strengthen its ecosystem and provide smless integration of open source software with SAP appliions. Some of the popular appliions like MySQL, Open and OpenSolaris are now a part of the Open Source umbrella. I think Open Source has contributed a grt dl to the software ecosystem and is definitely here to stay.


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