Saturday, May 21, 2016

Auto Hide IP v5.1.5.2 Incl

Auto Hide IP v5.1.5.2 Incl | 5.88 MB

Browsing on the Internet is becoming more and more dangerous in today's world. s and identity thieves are trying to use your IP address to get any information out of you: home address, credit card information, social security information, your bank accounts and other personal information.

Auto Hide IP is privacy-protection software which enables you to concl your rl IP address, surf anonymously, and automatically change your IP address every few minutes.
With it, you can select a fake IP address from different countries via "Choose IP Country" option and can Check IP directly. It allows you to concl your identity online by showing a fake IP address, blocking s and prying eyes from monitoring you. You can also choose "Launch on Startup" and then it will run and load a fake IP address automatically when you log on to . Besides, you can sily switch between fake IP and rl IP, all with the click of a button.

Auto Hide IP works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, MyIE and is compatible with all types of routers, firewalls, home networks, wireless networks and any other kind of Internet.

- Anonymous Web Surfing
Assign you fake IP addresses and guard against s who will be tricked by your fake IP instd of your rl one.
- Protect Your Identity
Hide your rl IP when surfing the web to prevent s or identity thieves from monitoring your web activity or stling your personal information such as your financial information.
- Choose IP Country
You decide to use fake IP from different countries via "Choose IP Country" option and you can check the current IP directly.
- Send Anonymous Emails
Hide your rl IP address in email hders. Be protected in email-sending from Yahoo!, Hot-mail, GMail, etc.
- Un-ban Yourself from Forums and Message Boards
Use Auto Hide IP to change your IP which allows you to access any forums or restricted websites that have banned you.
- Platform

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