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Atelier Robin Natural Drum Kit MULTi FORMAT R D1 S-AMPLiFYiSO

Atelier Robin Natural Drum Kit MULTi FORMAT R D1 S-AMPLiFYiSOEnglish | Atelier Robin Natural Drum Kit MULTi FORMAT R D1 S-AMPLiFYiSO | 2.07 GB

What is NDK?NDK ( formely known as ns_kit7 )is a multi-gigabyte single-strike drum and cymbal sample library with highly extensive velocity layering and articulation options, allowing for the ultimate in rlism and performance.What other software is needed to use NDK?We recommend using NDK in conjunction with Native Instruments' Kontakt 2 or Steinberg's HALion 3 soft-sampler. Extensive presets for both formats are included, allowing users to take advantage of such ftures as random-robin triggering, on the fly stick and snare-wire changes, direct-from- strming, multiple outputs, individual drum/cymbal panning & velocity, the ability to mix-and-match your own kits and loads more.
If you don't alrdy own one of these soft-samplers (and don't plan on investing in one any time soon) a c alternative is HALion Player – for the average user, this is idl and won't brk the bank.
Unembedded & unlocked – yours to do with as you wish...
The samples in this library are not embedded or locked in any way. This allows the user to crte custom presets in the sampler format of their choice. To make this as sy as possible, the files have all been named in a logical way to make mapping a breeze.
Also, thanks to the exhaustive and varied nature of this library, NDK is also an idl candidate for use in drum replacement software.
The most extensively sampled acoustic instrument ever crted.
The NDK sample library has been 2 yrs in the making and was recorded over several months by Douglas Whates in his studio in Glasgow, Scotland. Douglas hand edited around half a million start points, end points and fades, and manually bounced down around 22,000 sound files. Many of our single kits (6 piece shell pack, snare, hi-hat and cymbals) have more individual hits, as a direct by-product of the sheer of articulations and velocity layers, than any other sampled acoustic instrument currently on the market.
NDK Ftures
Ftures at a glance :
20 GB of uncompressed data
21,000 samples
Over 300 presets for Kontakt 2 and HALion 3
9 snares
4 sets of toms
5 kicks
3 rides, 3 crashes, 2 splashes, 2 hi-hats and a china
2 cowbells, tambourine and a bonus set of congas
Performed with sticks, mallets, brushes and hands/fingers, all with both left and right hands
Snares on or off.
Extensive articulation options, including rim-shots, hit-and-grabs, rolls, rims etc.
access to the member ar
If it's possible on a rl kit, it's possible on NDK!

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