Saturday, May 21, 2016

Adion djDecks DX 1.00 Full

Adion djDecks DX 1.00 | 12.28 MB
djDecks is computer mixing software for both beginning and professional dj's. Mix any audio or file sily on any configuration. djDecks is all you need to get started and become a dj!This relse is based on the djDecks DX version that has been in beta for quite a while now, so this mns that it will also play and karaoke, allow effects, text overlays and picture slide shows.

Besides that, the browser, playlist, autoplay and srch ftures have been improved, the audio engine is more flexible (allowing you to mix multiple asio/directsound/wasapi devices) and controller support has been improved too (besides midi, HID and OSC are now also supported)

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